Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tintypes of Civil War Drummers

eBay seller heritageauctionsinc( 66) is auctioning these tintypes from its catalog "2008 NOV Signature Civil War Auction #6015":

eBay no. 260311307843:

Most Unusual Pose, CDV Portrait of a Civil War Federal Infantry Drummer. Wears regulation style musician's frock, probably state issue, opened exposing military vest, bummer's cap. Posed with his right foot resting on his drum which is lying on the floor. Neat image, and a casualness rarely encountered in Civil War period portraiture. Fine quality, very good condition. No backmark.

Estimate: US $800.00 - US $1,200.00


eBay no. 260311308859:

Great CDV Portrait of Civil War Drummer Marcus F. Jones of the 1st Michigan Engineers. Wears shell jacket, bummer's cap that looks huge on his head. Waist belt with rectangular plate and over the shoulder sling. Drum appears to be suspended from the belt, again looking huge compared to the diminutive Jones. Holds sticks on drum head poised to play. Period pencil ID on verso, "Drummer Boy Co. E 13 years old when enlisted now 15 years old May 1863 Marcus F. Jones" Also ink script signature "Yours Truly M. F. Jones." Fine quality, very good condition. Apparently taken shortly before Jones' discharge on May 18, 1863.

Estimate: US $1,200.00 - US $1,500.00


eBay no. 260311308900:

CDV Union Civil War Drum Major. Unknown soldier posing with his set of drums in photographer's studio. Great image of infantry sergeant major wearing kepi, frock coat, gauntlets, and sword. Very fine quality and condition., clipped corners. very rare.

Estimate: US $600.00 - US $800.00

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