Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Do Spanish American War Era Drums Look Like?

Well here are two possibilities:

1. Reader Randolph Davis (Davis.Randolph@gmail.com) wrote to point us to a postcard (copy above) of a drum & bugle corps that Randy suggests shows Spanish-American War period drums. The postcard was on eBay as no. 250324080119 and was purchased (by me) for $10.87.

2.Minnesota Volunteers. This is an 8 x 10 picture including the cardboard frame. The frame has some damage and age spots, but the picture itself is free from tears etc. There is a fold-tear in the frame in the bottom left hand corner, see the scan. The historical value here is what is so neat! In researching this picture, I found some good information. I think this is a picture from the Spanish American War or shortly thereafter. There was another picture with this one that was dated 1909. Not sure if this is also the time frame or not. This picture shows a wonderful old band of the time period. The drum is very neat so I put a close up in there. Photo has the word Tenner on it. Below the photo it says: Flynn Photo Co. Camp Mackenzie Augusta, GA. Home Address 1237 B St. S.E., Washington D.C.

eBay no. 190267057107 auctioned by piney( 834)

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