Friday, March 14, 2008

Boy Size "John C. Haynes" Rope Drum Has Clean Label But Poor Artwork

Although the "artwork" and "eagle" on this drum are hideous, the label inside this little drum is almost worth the price asked -- an intact clean readable John C. Haynes printed label.

A good-looking brass snare mechanism and oversized leather ears (probably stock intended for full-size drums), add to this drum's alure.

"Fine Civil War Drummer Boy size drum, excellent as they come along! Crisp example with original skins, pulls, ropes and Massachusetts maker label inside! This superb little item measures 10 ¾” wide and about 9” tall and is a perfect scaled down example of the full size military issue eagle drum. The body has a fine Infantry eagle motif painted on the side, too. $1,750." See eBay #220212331993. See Civil War Shop.

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