Monday, March 10, 2008

The Real Deal Heavily Tacked Drum on eBay Auction

"Genuine Original Civil War Drum

[3/16/08 Update: eBayer "horncollector" snagged this beauty in a hotly contested bidding war with 39 bids, winning the drum at $860. "horncollector" sniped in 6 seconds before the whistle blew (possibly using, making his first and only appearance in this auction really count.

He cleverly hung back, staying out of the frey as other bidders punched themselves out in real time, including four other bidders who entered their offers manually within 2-1/2 minutes of the gavel, contributing to an almost $500 run-up in the price as the end of the auction drew near.

"horncollector" seems to know value, having also spent $786 to win the Porter Blanchard drum which was the subject of a March 10, 2008 posting to this blog. In that auction, his technique was the same -- hanging back, staying out of the bidding until the last 6 seconds then striking with a snipe outbidding a manual eBayer by $10.

So, eBay rope drum bidders beware, we have a new player in the game and he appears to have money to spend and knows how to bid. Welcome "horncollector".]

"Fresh from a local upstate NY estate comes this genuine period Civil War drum measuring just under 17" wide by 11.5" tall. The drum has brass tack design and an ivory or bone inspection hole along with all of it's original leather tensioners, gut snares and red painted hoops. Also included are the original 12.5" sticks the drum was found with. The bottom head bears the letters "CAW" stenciled in faded black ink or paint. The top head does have a couple of rips but is still quite intact. The wood is in fantastic condition overall with a few minor nicks and scrapes and superficial cracking to the overlapping ply at the tacked seam. All in all, a very nice example of a true Civil War period drum."

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