Friday, March 21, 2008

Thompson & Odell Co. Drums

Currently up for auction on eBay as item #280211000591 is a drum described as "Thompson & Odell Co. Indian War Period Drum".

Boston's Thompson & Odell operated from 1872 to 1905. See American Banjo Makers by Stuart Cohen, Mugwumps magazine, Vol. 7, No. 1.

According to mugwumps "Thompson & Odell were Boston instrument manufacturers and music dealers in business 1872-1905. Founded by I.H. Odell in 1872 who took in C.W. Thompson as a partner the following year, they made a diverse line of instruments using the "Artist" and "Crescent" brand names, and were an important part of the Boston musical scene for many years. They incorporated in 1891 and Odell left the business the next year; Thompson died in 1903 and the company was forced into bankruptcy in 1905." See Mugwumps FAQs.

And, according to "Lew" posting on TubNet BBS, 9/21/2002, "Thompson & Odell is listed in the Langwill directory. The business was founded in 1874 as a music store and publishing business. In 1884 they took over the 'Quinby Brothers' facilities and began manufacturing brass instruments, mainly using the name 'Standard Band Instrument Co.' Quinby brothers, also Hall & Quinby and Hall, Quinby, & Wright, Co. were one of the better brass instrument makers of their time (1861-1884). E.G. Wright was one of the principals of the Boston Musical Instrument Manufactory before joining Quinby. In 1900 Carl Fischer bought out the music publishing part of the business and in 1909 instrument production was taken over by the Vega Co. Most of their instruments had the Standard Band Instrument Co. name on them, although some were made with the Thompson & Odell label."

All of which brings us to this Thompson & Odell Co. drum now on eBay.

[Note, kudos to the auctioneer, Homestead Auctions, 6825 Wales Ave NW, North Canton, OH United States 44720, 330.966.0854. The drum was previously described on eBay as "Civil War" which we pointed out was incorrect. Homestead Auctions listened and corrected the posting promptly.]

Other Thompson & Odell Drums:

The National Music Museum has a Thompson & Odell in its collection.

See "Portrait view of snare drum by J. B. Treat, Boston, 1905" The museum's website describes the drum:

"NMM 10045. Snare drum by J. B. Treat for Thompson and Odell, Boston, 1905. Paper label affixed inside shell, visible through vent hole: THE CELEBRATED / "ARTIST DRUM." / MADE BY / J.B. TREAT., followed by a long advertisement by Thompson and Odell, dated November 1905. Wood shell with natural finish, 225mm (8-7/8") x 421mm (16-9/16"). Twelve leather tugs. Wood rims with the outside edge painted black, with twelve metal hooks through which the rope passes. Brass snare adjuster. Ex coll.: Armand Zildjian. William F. Ludwig II Collection, 2001."

"Lit.: Jayson Dobney, Innovations in American Snare Drums 1850-1920, M.M. Thesis (Vermillion: University of South Dakota, 2003), pp. 140-141."

Another Thompson & Odell Drum:

This drum is in my collection.

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