Friday, April 18, 2008

Canada's Brass Drums

[Ed. Note: These photos and information contributed by Richard Allen.]

CEF Bugle Band in Toronto WW I
(Canadian Expeditionary Force)

Note the large Tenor drum in the second row. Snare drums were made of brass, tenor and bass drums were wood. Most of the drums had the Royal pattern hoops of red and blue with a white "worm" but some regiments used their regimental colours. E.g., in the "QUEENS OWN RIFLES", drum hoops were black and red with a green worm.

The Bugle Band in 1915 at West Sandling Camp, England

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  1. More info
    The major maker-supplier of these drums was WHALEY-ROYCE of Toronto who also made bugles for the Army as well as civillian groups.Although some Regiments did buy drums from England ie: Potters Boosey7 Hawkes. I have photos in my collection of units using what looks to be an American style drum with the heart shaped lugs and larger size drum The drums could be either a brass finish which required constant polishing or chrome plated.Equiped with a J hook strainer and gut snares They were patterned after the Britsh regulation size of 12x14 which is still in effect in the UK.


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