Saturday, April 19, 2008

Painted "Eisele-like" Rod Drum May Have Been Converted from Rope

[Ed. Note: A piece of the past, found on the Internet and saved here for easier reference in the future. No original content other than this comment: The stenciled counterhoops on this drum bear the unmistakable impressions of hooks through which rope passed in this drum's earlier form. The ungainly overlength rods are most certainly "after market" additions. The extra length of the threaded rods is unsightly and even dangerous, especially to the drummer whose thigh could easily come into contact with them. And, the overlength rods are inconsistent with the special care taken in painting/decaling the drum if original. The center star appears to be painted, not inlaid. And, the rods, the painted star and the scroll work could have been added many years after the original manufacture to dress up an otherwise very ordinary brown wood drum.]

INLAID PAINTED MARCHING DRUM POSSIBLY CIVIL WAR ERA. This great mahogany drum, believed to be from the Civil War era and features mahogany shell and mahogany rims [Ed. Note: might be referring to the flesh hoops, a piece of which can be seen at the split in the rolled skin head]. It also has paint decorated [Ed. Note: stenciled] hoops made with ash and what appears to be a free-hand paint decoration on the shell together with what appears to be bone or ivory insert on the vent hole. A very similar drum acquired from the same source has a maker's label on the inside (this specific drum does not have the maker's label but is obviously made by the same maker). The label on the other drum reads "Henry Eisele, Successor to William Sempe Manufacturers of the Bass and Snare Drums 209 & 211 Grand Street, New York N.B. Drum heads, Sticks, Cords, and etc. Constantly on Hand". SIZE: 17" dia. x 11" h. CONDITION: The skin on one side is split, the other side of the drum appears to be good. The leather fibers that go across the surface of the drum are frayed and the drum is somewhat soiled and shows handling marks, but it is generally in good structural condition. 8-86955 (1,500-2,500)

James D. Julia, Inc.
Important Firearms Auction
March 11 & 12, 2002
Session 2--Lots 500 through 947
Commencing March 12th, 10:00 am at Yoken's Convention Center, Portsmouth, NH

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