Friday, April 18, 2008

Comparison of Unknown Drum with 1863 John Haynes Drum

eBay (#220218079769) described this drum as: "This antique Civil War snare drum with original drumsticks is fresh from a Rhode Island estate. The drum is in a very good state of preservation and retains one very old or original skin. One of the skins and most of the heart shaped leather tugs that hold the rope in place were replaced sometime probably in the 1960's, however, three original leather tugs are still intact .... The drum measures 10 inches wide by 16 1/4 inches in diameter. The seam of the drum is held together with copper nails. There is writing in pencil on the inside of the drum that can be seen through the vent hole (I have not had the drum apart) the name "HENRY R. PACKARD" is printed as well as the date "JULY 30th 1863". Henry R. Packard was a drummer in Company E of the 12th Regiment of the Massachusetts Infantry. There may be more writing inside the drum, however, the view from the vent hole is limited. This drum retains its original black paint on the hoops and the original finish on the shell. The drum also retains its original brass hardware. The drum comes with i[t]s orignal Civil War era hand made drumsticks. Each stick measures approx 17 inches long and is in extremely good condition. Overall this 145 yar old drum is in very good condition! ****

Comparison with a Haynes Drum (ca. 1863):
The drum described and shown in 1863Haynes.pdf is in the blogmaster's collection. In addition to some photos, a partial large label is transcribed and a certification by Jack Lawton is provided. Also, an article by Pat Parker about Jack Lawton, "one of a handful of people around the world who restore, repair, and make reproductions of vintage drums" from "Susquehana Life", together with a brochure from Jack Lawton is in the materials.: 1863Haynes.pdf

Also see this drum (eBay #190211838976) of unknown origin:

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