Friday, June 20, 2008

Bidding Goes Wild on 1862 Civil War Bass Drum with Painted Star Spangled Banner, Possible Battle of Fort Donelson Veteran

Bidding went wild as this magnificent specimen broke the bank at almost $3,000 on eBay. Here's the play-by-play. You can see where the pros got in and took over. In the last 12 minutes of the auction, the price tripled and the drum ultimately went to a seasoned pro who out-sniped two other snipers in the last 9 seconds of the auction.

js580( 395) US $2,851.00 Jun-18-08 08:22:03 PDT
js580( 395) US $2,851.00 Jun-18-08 08:22:03 PDT
o***s( 648) US $2,801.00 Jun-18-08 08:22:02 PDT
c***t( 138) US $1,601.00 Jun-18-08 08:21:54 PDT
d***d( 103) US $1,470.00 Jun-18-08 08:21:59 PDT
a***l( 161) US $1,200.00 Jun-18-08 07:26:20 PDT
a***l( 161) US $1,160.50 Jun-18-08 07:25:48 PDT
e***e( 71) US $1,160.00 Jun-18-08 08:19:54 PDT
e***e( 71) US $1,110.00 Jun-18-08 08:18:25 PDT
e***e( 71) US $1,059.99 Jun-18-08 08:17:00 PDT
e***e( 71) US $1,009.99 Jun-18-08 08:15:42 PDT
e***e( 71) US $985.00 Jun-18-08 08:15:11 PDT
e***e( 71) US $965.00 Jun-18-08 08:14:37 PDT
e***e( 71) US $935.00 Jun-18-08 08:13:48 PDT
5***h( 4 ) US $910.00 Jun-18-08 04:35:13 PDT
a***l( 161) US $755.50 Jun-17-08 09:52:42 PDT
a***l( 161) US $655.00 Jun-09-08 07:25:50 PDT
r***c( 717) US $575.00 Jun-17-08 19:51:22 PDT
d***d( 103) US $500.00 Jun-08-08 18:42:28 PDT
js580( 395) US $165.00 Jun-08-08 21:16:35 PDT
m***e( 82) US $152.75 Jun-08-08 19:34:17 PDT
s***s( 99) US $10.00 Jun-08-08 17:51:27 PDT

Starting Price US $0.99 Jun-08-08 08:22:06 PDT

This big beauty (25" diam. x 20") appeared early last week on eBay in a 10-day auction as item #160248970372 and described as follows:

United States Union Army Civil War Rope Tension Bass Drum in well aged condition. There is a hole and a tear in one side of the drum. I think it is a bass drum that was carried vertically. A good portion of the original strap harness is still attached. The drum measures 20 inches tall and 25 inches in diameter. Most of the artwork has faded but you can still see the distinct remnants of the Star Spangled Banner on the side. I cannot make out enough of the art to describe. Please refer to the photographs. The drum is still very solid and sturdy. The history of this item is remarkable in that it came from Tennessee, the sight of the Battle of Fort Donelson where Ulysses S. Grant defeated the Confederate Army, one of the first major Union victories of the Civil War in 1862. However, this information cannot be confirmed. This item was discovered in early 2008 while taking inventory of an estate of a collector in Missouri who had recently passed. Along with the drum was found a Display Sheet (also included) which states the following.

This drum came from Fort Donelson - Feb. 6, 1862. The fort is on the Cumberland River at about the place where the State Line separates Kentucky from Tennessee. The Confederates surrendered to U. S. Grant.

The date on the sheet is in error because February 16 was the true date of the victory. This may have just been a transcription error. Either way, this is quite the collectable for any History or Civil War Buff.

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