Thursday, June 19, 2008

Civil War-Era Folk Art Painted Drum, Belonging to "Isaac Golden"

Heritage Auction Galleries' 2008 June Signature Civil War Auction #6002

Civil War-Era Folk Art Painted Drum, Belonging to "Isaac Golden" as his name is gilded in period paint on a red ribbon. Also painted into the ribbon are the words "E. Pluribus Unum"; it is being held in an Eagles beak. The eagle is grasping an olive branch in one claw and a quiver of arrows in the other. Centerpiece of the drum is the colorful federal shield. On the back there is a brass tack pattern. This particular drum appears to have seen much use, but it has aged very well.

The body of the drum has slight aged varnish cracking; it has been cared for & stored very well over the years. The tension ropes are missing and top drumhead band is a little loose. The drum itself measures 12.5" in height, both drum heads measure 16" in diameter and have old tape repairs. This drum was manufactured in Flushing, New York by the A. Rodgers Company as the paper label is still visible inside.

On the bottom head of the drum is written, in pencil, "William H. Golden/ Mar 2, 1901/ Pawtuxet, R.I." and nearby "Samuel H. Golden/ April 20, 1931", certainly two later owners of this drum that was proudly passed down through generations of the Golden family.

There were several soldiers named Isaac Golden that served in the Civil War. One likely candidate, it seems to us, was a member of the 140th Pennsylvania Infantry. On August 22, 1862 the formal organization of the Company was effected, ninety-six entered their names on the Company roll including Isaac Golden from West Alexander, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Isaac Golden died at Washington D.C. on April 15, 1863; he is buried in Military Asylum Cemetery.

Provenance: The Norm Flayderman Collection. Estimate: $3,500 - $4,500.

2008 June Signature Civil War Auction #6002

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