Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Double Claw Rod Brass Snare Drum -- What Year?

Although described as "very early civil war ear", I am without any basis to put this any earlier than late 1800s. If any reader has better information please write.

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Seller: littleshanno

For your consideration a wonderful 1800s Civil War Era drum. I recently purchased this drum at a local estate sale along with other items from the same period. I am not an expert on drums but I will try to describe this one as best as possible. I was told by the family members of the estate this drum came out of that this drum was used in the Civil War. I could not find any markings of any kind on the drum. The drum measures 16" in diameter and is 8" in width. The catgut on one side has been torn. The black bands around the drum are made of bent wood and are stenciled. The stenciling has faded some. There are a couple of cracks in the wood but they are very minor. There is a mounting devise in the side of the drum to hang it from the players uniform. The center band of the drum is metal. It must be brass or copper as it will not magnetize.

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