Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1861 Haynes Drum Stolen on eBay for $78

Some lucky collector (8***8( 27)) just picked up a steal on eBay (item no. 170295227836) for $78: an 1861 Haynes drum (relabeled/over-stickered ca. 1881 with a Wm. E. Chandler label), 16 3/4" across and 9 7/8" tall.

Here is the evidence that it's a Haynes drum (see the word "Haynes" on the portion of the understicker visible beneath the oversticker):

More photos:

Compare with other examples of Haynes drums at:

J. C. Haynes & Co. Drum (Child Size)

John C. Haynes (Boston) Eagle Drum

Comparison of Unknown Drum with 1863 John Haynes Drum

9th Mass Infantry Drum by Haynes, Boston

Boy Size "John C. Haynes" Rope Drum Has Clean Label But Poor Artwork

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