Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1861 Jacob Stewart (Pittsfield, Mass.) Brings $2,025

eBay Seller chainshot-nyv( 1359) describes this 1861 beauty (eBay item no. 190277745078) as follows:

A beautiful untouched Civil War drum measuring 13 3/4" tall and 15 1/4" in diameter with hoops on. In pristine untouched condition with original ropes, heads and leather keepers. Plain maple body with red painted hoops. Great label on the inside "Jacob Stewart- Military and Toy Drums- Banjoes-Tambourines, &c.Water St., Pittsfield, Mass. with large inked date "1861". Superb untouched maple patina, never cleaned or monkeyed with in anyway. I traded a Connecticut Historical Society out of this in 1983 and have kept it stashed ever since. Some tears on the bottom head as seen in the scans. Need the space for incoming stuff so regretfully this old friend must find a new place to live. Probably was for one of the Western Massachusetts regiments like the 52nd which was from that area.

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