Friday, March 6, 2009

Leo J. Brennan's J.H. Buckbee Drum

Tim Brennan wrote about this drum from his father's, Leo J. Brennan, collection. Leo J. Brennan operates "Ye Old Colonial Sutler's Shoppe" of Madison, Connecticut:

Perhaps some of the readers of this blog could shed some light on this field drum. It has a mahogony shell and is 11 inches in height. The heads are 15 inches wide, the bottom snare head may be the original calfskin but the top head has been replaced. The rope is hemp and it has ten leather adjustment ears. The strainer assembly is unique in that the snares can be adjusted while on the march through a long tension rod and key rather than manually while at rest. The maker label states "Rohan, State Street, New Haven CT" and the year is either 1887 or 1857. Any ideas on who Rohan was? This drum is one of many my father has collected over the years but now is letting go of. Sincerely, Tim Brennan

I can only imagine Tim's delight when I sent him a link to the following post on this blog concerning J.H. Buckbee drums: "Known for Banjos, J.H. Buckbee Made Drums Too". Also, note "Drum with Characteristic J.H. Buckbee Snare Mechanism".

Tim Brennan's Response:
I certainly did enjoy the link you sent me, I was thrilled to see the matching snare mechanism, the star pattern on the ears, the JHB initials: it really was illuminating. I never would have guessed a banjo maker. Kudos to you Ellis for having figured that out. You're probably right in that Rohan was a distributor, not a maker, but at least the label dates it.

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  1. Hi, William J. Rohan is listed as a music retailer and music teacher in the 1890 New Haven City Directory. Sue


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