Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slingerland Cloud Label Military Rod Drum

This Slingerland scalloped cloud badge/label (1928 to 1941 according to Vintage Drum Guide) single tension military rod drum was in just too good condition to let it pass me by, so I bought it on eBay (item no. 170309559326) this evening for $157.50 (plus $25 shipping). To me it represents a point in time, probably 1930s, before double tension and after rope. The snare strainer lacks a quick throw-off lever so this baby is probably on the older side. The seller is andrewofgeorgia803( 10).

Slingerland offered a double tension snare drum as early as 1928. See Vintage Drum Center's historic 1928 Slingerland 4 pc. circa 1928 Sea Green Pearl drum set.

When the drum is delivered, I'll see whether any more specific information concerning date of manufacture appears on the drum.

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