Friday, March 27, 2009

Circa 1840 tack decorated snare drum 16-1/2" high

Artfact has this information but requires a subscription for more info. I'll try to find this drum elsewhere on the Internet.

Lot 679: Circa 1840 tack decorated snare drum 16-1/2" high by 16-1/2" diameter having a natural wood finish shell and red painted wood hoops. A paper label inside reads "Henry H. Guetter/Importer of every description of German and/French musical instruments./Bethlehem, PA/Instruments of all kinds/carefully repaired/Fresh violin strings". Henry H. Guetter was born in Germany in 1797, came to America in 1817, and died in 1847. Included are (2) drumsticks. The drum is in fine condition having both heads intact, a shell with no cracks, and old worn tensioning cords having leather ears that appear to be original.

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