Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1814 Abner Stevens Drum

We are writing to you on the recommendation of Jim Ellis (Cooperman) of Vermont .... We have a drum which descended in our family which has a paper label inside reading "Abner Stevens, 1814, Pittsfield, Mass Fifes Tamboreens & Bass & Military Drums, All sizes and prices made at his American Drum & Factory"; also written in pencil on the inside is a note saying "New heads put on by Albert H. Fruman (or Truman), Sept. 7th 1891".

It is in otherwise original condition with red painted rims, approximately 16" tall with tackhead design of a spokestar surrounded by a circle with diamond design above and below and banded by two vertical tackhead borders. It was taken apart for a move and the rope is no longer usable. There are 3-4 leather ears?

We are interested in selling it and have been advised not to attempt to put it back together as a collector would prefer to do it him or herself.


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