Sunday, June 7, 2009

Civil War Ebony Drumsticks with Leather Beltloop Carrier

eBayer eds541( 443) is offering this beautiful pair of hardwood drumsticks as eBay item no. 200348069356 and describes them as follows:

I picked these beauties up several years back from an older couple. They said that they bought them, and I believe they said a canteen, at an antique shop many years ago, on a trip to Gettysburg.

At any rate this is a beautiful pair of Civil War Drum Sticks in their original leather carrier.

As you can tell from the photos, the sticks perfectly form to the leather, thus being carried and stored there for quite some time. The patina on the brass ferrules is very nice as they have not been touched.

Notice the green tint where they were cradled in the leather! If one chose, they would polish up nicely with no effort, but that would be a shame.

The ebony sticks are in excellent condition, no cracks or chips. As you can see from the photos, the color is superb. Their length is 15 inches end to end.

The carrier has a repair or a reinforcing piece of leather sewn to the back, directly under the belt loop.

As it doesn't look quite look period it certainly isn't contemporary. It takes nothing away from the looks, and adds tremendously to the function.

I did hand rub a thin layer of Pecards Leather Conditioner to it as it does not deplete the antiquity value, but keeps the leather pliable. It is plenty sturdy enough to use in reenacting.

I can't say anything more than the pictures won't show. I more than welcome any questions that you might have, and please ask for more pictures if needed.

Note: The blue green discoloration appears to coincide with the depth to which the brass ferrules on the sticks were inserted in the leather carrier.


  1. I have a pair of these sticks. Can you tell me where to get more information about them?

  2. That pretty green you like will destroy the brass in time, clean them and polish them or lose them


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