Sunday, June 7, 2009

Letters from our Readers: Can You Identify This Drum?


I am an avid viewer of your page, but usually do not post anything of my own. I do have a question though about a drum. The previous owner of this drum said that it had been in the family for many years and was used during the Revolution. His grandfather had been in an Ohio regiment during the Civil War. I had done some research on him and found that he was not a drummer, so I'm not sure how she ended up with the drum.

I had some thoughts that it could be a Benjamin or Moses Brown drum, but wanted to have an expert opinion. I've attached some photos for you to look at. I was not sure how to contact Susan Cifaldi, so if you know how to get ahold of her, or anyone else who could shed some light on this matter, I would really appreciate it.


Patrick Jones
Camp Chase Fifes and Drums


Perhaps Susan Cifaldi or some of our readers up in Moodus can chime in here. I haven't seen any Brown drums with the same tack pattern (but I haven't seen the Moodus collection which I understand numbers about 90 Brown drums).

The coloring, on the other hand, is similar to some by Abner Stevens.

Thanks for your inquiry. Let's hope some readers can help solve your mystery.


Ellis Mirsky

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