Tuesday, August 25, 2009

20th Century RPPC Civil War Battle (1862) of Shiloh Musician

eBayer almanorbound ( 530) scored well yesterday with a sale price of $171.00 for this postcard described as:

Unique and rare RPPC of Philo L. Case who beat the long roll at the Battle of Shiloh - April 6, 1862. Card is postally unused and is in near mint condition - great corners and very clean image. s/h $3.00. Great picture of the man, the drum, his hat and medal!!!


  1. We have this drum and the drum sticks. Who are you?
    Norm Case

  2. I have a drum similar in appearance to the drum pictured on the Philo Case postcard above. Inside the drum is an old newspaper clipping (undated) with the following text: Champion Drummer With his eighty-ninth birthday coming on directly, Philo Case still holds down the job of drummer boy in the Long Beach, Cal. martial band, an organization that plays frequently at Southern Cal. fetes.
    Drummer Case claims to hold a national championship. He began as a drummer boy on the Iowa frontier when 14 years old and has been a drummer eversince. When Lincoln stumped Illinois during the 1860 campaign for President, Philo Case was drummer major of a band that accompanied him on his speaking tour. During the Civil War, he was drum major of an Iowa regiment. He is here pictured with the original drum frame carried by this distinguished soldier on the Southern battlefields. Needless to say, the drum has had several new heads,but continues to do service whenever Case is called upon to "do his stuff" with drumsticks presented to him by Lincoln after he had become President.

    Mark Lamping


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