Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's Going On in Pakistan?

I received an email today from Naseersons.com, apparently a Pakistan-based dealer in musical instruments.

Dear Sir,

We hope you are enjoying good health and you business is fine.
We revert you kind attention towards are Email date 18/07/2009 In which request you to take start business with the real manufacturing house Musical instruments. But still we are deprived from you encourage response.

While according to our information you are collecting the goods from our market. We have no objection but being a reliable byre kindly once examine our Quality and prices. If you will satisfy in all aspect then place us your trial order.

Best Regard,

Usman Naseer

Naseer & son’s
Sialkot, Pakistan
M: +92-346-6650366
F: +92-52-4569609

I decided to take a look at Naseer's website. Everything looked like the usual Pakistani offerings but one drum ("Ns-11108") jumped out at me:

I'd seen that drum before but I wasn't sure where. So I quickly scanned through all of the images on this blog and found this:

This drum is a 1937 Clayton Holmes original. See, "Clayton Holmes Drum, 1937", this blog, June 11, 2008.

It's clear that the top picture is either a crop job of the bottom picture or both pictures came from the same source. (Even the blemish at the 11:00 position above the vent grommet is the same.)

So, can anyone tell me what's going on?

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