Thursday, December 17, 2009

Civil War Era Drum by William Kilbourn w/ Label

eBay seller phredsfind ( 179) is offering item no. 220525132398 described as follows:

This field size drum is labeled on the inside “ William Kilbourn, Successor to George Kilbourn, Manufacturer of , Bass and Snare Drums, Tambourines, Banjos, Toy Drums, & c., Patent Guitar Banjo, no. 147 Clinton Ave. Albany N. Y.” This same label is found on a Bass Drum 1864-1869 at The National Music Museum. This label was used toward the end or shortly after the Civil War. Overall size is 11 1/4 in. with a diameter of 16 3/4 in. The skins and ropes are missing from the drum body. One of the wood rings has shrinkage damage but the ring parts were saved and attached to the body with four small screws. The wood surface looks old and probably original. This would be good as a restoration project or left as is, with the label visible, for display.

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