Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Civil War Contract Drum - Antietam Battlefield Recovered Infantry Eagle Drum

Relic of the Bloodiest Day of the Civil War
Incredible Antietam Battlefield Recovered Infantry Eagle Drum The drum shell is full height and not cut down: 13" tall, and 16 3/8" in interior diameter. There are no heads, rims, hoops or ropes, but fine original paint, bright with only minor losses. The vent hole exhibits typical brass tack decoration. Pasted on the exterior bottom edge is an old star pattern paper label with an inscription in old ink reading: 8 T[e]nor [d]rum Battle of Antietam Civil War. Obviously placed on the drum for identification in a display of war relics. Matching this is a metal bordered circular cardboard tag reading: "Tenor Drum Shell picked up on the battleground of Antietam after Battle of Antietam in 1862" with the number "8" on the reverse. Pasted on the interior is an affidavit signed by a Washington County Maryland Justice of the Peace on behalf of Jacob B. Lightner, testifying that the drum was recovered from the Antietam battlefield shortly after the battle in 1862. Approximately 20% of the affidavit is missing which includes the year, but the Justice of the Peace signed his name and noted "My commission expires May 5th 1916". Next to the affidavit is pasted a 1926 dated newspaper column with a letter written about the Battle of Antietam. The pattern of the eagle and brass tacks around the vent hole pinpoint the drum as a product of the Horstmann firm of Philadelphia. The drum has a horizontal crack about 2/3 the way up the drum and running most of the way around, but scarcely visible from the outside. The crack has been stabilized by an old repair utilizing three strips of thin wood glued into place and a newer repair also using wood strips.  A fine relic of the bloodiest day of the Civil War. Estimate: $8,000 - up.

Source: http://historical.ha.com/itm/military-and-patriotic/incredible-antietam-battlefield-recovered-infantry-eagle-drum/a/6124-38366.s

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