Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Civil War Contract Drum

Civil War U.S. Regulation Eagle Snare Drum Civil War U.S. Regulation Eagle Snare Drum 16 1/2" diameter, 15 13/8" high including hoops. The drum retains about 95% of the original painted decoration with minor losses only, absolutely untouched with wonderful mellow age patina. Brass tack design around the air hole perfect. Heads, lighteners and ropes all appear to be original. Both heads display rips. Retains the original interior paper label "Manufactured by A. Rogers Flushing, L.I.". A beautiful example of a regulation Civil War drum. Estimate: $5,500 - up.

Source: http://historical.ha.com/itm/military-and-patriotic/civil-war-us-regulation-eagle-snare-drum/a/6124-38363.s

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