Thursday, September 10, 2009

Confederate Civil War Drum Sling

Not all of us can afford to spend more than a grand on an old drum sling but we do owe eBay seller brentsantiquesinc ( 1567) (eBay item no. 290345530563) a debt of gratitude for posting such a marvelous photo survey of this old beauty -- a pictorial display with sufficient detail for those with the requisite skill to fashion their own knock-off version.

Described as follows:

Here is a scarcely encountered Civil War Confederate tooled leather drum sling. This sling came originally out of the State of Virginia some years ago and is thought to be one of only a few known Confederate Drum slings that have surfaced today. All leather construction with a Southern type roller construction buckle as never seen on Union types. The stitching on this sling is also very southern with crude cotton stitiching as you can see in the pictures. The union used cloth construction slings for the most part and would not have used roller adjuster buckles like used on Confederate belt rigs. Here is a rare chance to complete a wonderful southern Confederate Drum display and will look fantastic attached to a drum for display.

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