Friday, September 11, 2009

Jack Pratt's New Book, CD and DVD are Must-Haves

I just took delivery of Jack Pratt's new "128 Rudimental Street Beats, Rolloffs, & Parade-Song Parts, In the Style of 'Traditional' Drum & Bugle Corps", by John S. Pratt, CD included, as well as the associated DVD (purchased separately). The DVD is priced at $24.99, and the book with CD is priced at $14.99 (Amazon has it for $9.99 and it's in stock.)

The DVD has a lot of stuff not included in the book or the CD and both, in my opinion, are "must-haves" for anyone wanting to see and hear "old school" rudimental drumming, Pratt-variation.

Pratt's written a lot of other works too. See here.

Now truth be told, Jack is not a young man any longer but he has a terrific set of chops for an older guy. Sure he must have been hell on wheels when he was younger but let's give the guy his due. He's earned it. He can still lay in quite a respectable rudimental standard, street beat or roll-off.

The book with CD is worth the ticket just for its seemingly endless collection of street beats and roll-offs. I had a great time reading along in the book as a couple of drummers (a machine?) played all of the street beats and roll-offs marked in the book, as well as a couple of charts (for "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee" and "Yankee Doodle Boy". The book has another 6 charts (but no accompanying track on the CD) for "Great Day", "The is My Country", "California Here I Come", "Good News", "Oklahoma" and "Alabamy Bound".

Old rudimental drummers will enjoy hearing the street beats, roll-offs and charts. It's a great collection preserved for the future by one of the greats.

The DVD "will reinvigorate your study of 'Traditional' ancient rudimental drumming and provide material for your practice, instruction, music library and drumming pleasure."

Featured on the DVD are classic Pratt solos: "The Sons of Liberty", "The All-American Emblem," and "The Little Toy Drum", as well as new Pratt solos: "Interstatesmen A.B.C," and "Swiss Crazy Army Variant 1".

I particularly enjoyed Pratt's occasional patter as he mused about this or that colleague with whom he has enjoyed a professional or personal relationship, as well as drumming tips and stylistic comments.

Also included on the DVD are 4 original Pratt compositions for rope tension snare drum and bass drum duets (with Ben Hans), as well as old standards: "The Downfall of Paris", "Thge General", J. Burns Moore's "The Connecticut Halftime", "Three Camps" and "Hell on the Wabash". Hello? I mean how can you not have this DVD in your collection?

Of course, no treatise would be complete without the 26 "traditional" American drumming rudiments and a bunch of Swiss drum rudiments.

The DVD also features on-screen notation and printable scores. This is a treasure that is a must for every music library, from elementary school through college.

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