Monday, September 28, 2009

Old Metal Shell, Probably Not U.S.

eBayer cavecreekantiques ( 2440) is offering eBay item no. 330359848676 described as:

This auction is for an original civil war period drum. I do want to state that I am not an expert on civil war items, but I will guarantee this to be authentic. I obtained the drum at a quality antique auction that had many nice military items, including civil war period pieces. You may visit the auction's website,, and view the photos etc. to give you a feel for the quality of this auction. This drum was lot 267 on the catalog listing.

The drum measures approx 14-1/2" across and 7" tall. The middle is a gray metal, and it has wooden bands on each end. It is missing the drum covering, it has some leather decoration still attached to it in the front. One of the wooden bands seems to be on the drum a little crooked. It is in solid condition, the metal is not rusted or corroded, the wood is in aged, but good condition.

The drum's "J-Hook" snare mechanism and counterhoop design do not look like anything the Blogmaster has seen on American manufacture. The drum looks more like it might be of European (possibly Swiss or French) origin.

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