Monday, September 28, 2009

Leo J. Brennan's Eli Brown Drum (1829) Redux

Leo Brennan's 1829 Brown drum has resurfaced (with new and better photos above) and Leo is now comfortable parting with this beauty, one reason possibly being that he recently became the owner of the world's oldest known Brown drum (1809), acquired with the assistance of the Blogmaster (see story at "History in a Drum (an 1809 Brown Drum) -- The Oldest Known Brown Drum in Existence", this blog, Aug. 5, 2009.

This 1829 Eli Brown masterpiece, a fine addition for any serious collection, was previously chronicled at "Leo J. Brennan's Eli Brown Drum (1829)", this blog, March 7, 2009. The drum is currently described on eBay as item no. 280401024302:

Up for auction is an original 1829 vintage and nearly pristine Eli Brown tacked field drum, dated by the interior label as drum number 1602. The overlapped maple shell is 54 and a half inches in circumference and bears the distinctive Eli Brown tack pattern around the ivory vent hold in a single circle. The drum stands 17 and a quarter inches high. All ropes, including the drag rope, are intact and made of hemp. There are 10 iron hooks attached to the maple rims top and bottom. The snares are catgut and the original heads are of calfskin, the bottom one is torn. The top head has a minor split. There is a single original leather adjustment ear, the rest are missing. The strainer assembly is of the Civil War style. This museum quality drum is formerly of the Alex Smith Collection (Northford, CT) and is one of the finest made by Eli Brown himself, at the height of his skills as the premier drum maker in America.

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