Thursday, February 25, 2010

ca. 1930 Ludwig & Ludwig

eBay seller emirsky2 ( 195) (me) sold eBay item no. 180459675428 for $125.00, described as follows:

Vintage early 20th century Ludwig & Ludwig parade or field snare drum (16-1/2" outer diameter x 13" height from edge to edge of the counterhoops) with classic Ludwig oval badge and period (possibly original) wire-wound red cloth snares (not gut). Everything is original or true to the period. All wood shell, flesh hoops and counter hoops.

Classic oval badge reads:

Ludwig (in stylized outline script)
(scrolls on either side or and under the vent hole)

Single tension (rods tighten to compress counterhoops against flesh hoops to tighten both heads at the same time) classic faucet (bottom) and single claw (top) rods. All circular attachment covers are stamped with the Ludwig name.

Batter (top) head is marked with crayon as if a child was allowed to mark it. Snare (bottom) head is ripped and useless. Light rust over most/all metal parts. An easy project drum that with a little time and minimal expense (new 16" batter head needed) can be made to shine.

Comes with wood flesh hoops and small military carry.

Ludwig & Ludwig was formed in 1909 or 1910 by William and brother Theo Ludwig; sold to C.G. Conn in 1929. William F. Ludwig Drum Co. was incorporated in 1937 and changed its name to WFL in 1939. In 1950 C.G. Conn Co. merged the Leedy Co. and Ludwig and Ludwig to form Leedy and Ludwig. So it appears that the name "Ludwig & Ludwig" could have been used on drums at any time between 1910 or so and 1950. My guess is that this drum is ca. 1930 +/- 5 years.

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