Friday, February 12, 2010

Civil War Era Ebonized Wood Drumsticks Drum Sticks

Each stick in this interesting pair of drumsticks bears a stamped 6-pointed star with some kind of design in the middle of the star. On one stick the design looks like it might be a numeral "8". On the other stick the design looks like it could be a clover leaf.

If any reader can shed light on this, please feel free to write.

eBay seller capecod_internet_auctions ( 210) describes item no. 170444815814 as follows:

This is a nice set of Civil War era drumsticks. The sticks have hand carved tips and star stamped ends. They are 16" long and 7/8" wide and have the expected wear marks of a 150 year old wooden musical instrument.

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  1. I believe the clover could indicate the New Jersey Volunteer Regiment. My research on the 12th shows they used the symbol perhaps the 8th did as well.


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