Monday, February 22, 2010

Probably a Civil War Period (or earlier) Drum

Seller weiderman_gallery ( 4158) is offering eBay item no. 320489289886 described as follows:

This is a Great, Rare, Early, Original field/marching drum. This wonderful Old piece has a Great, Early look, is made of wood, has both heads intact, measures approx. 17" x 12", is unmarked, we believe is from the Civil War era and would be a wonderful addition to any collection. This appears to be in Very Good, Crisp condition and displays MUCH better than the pictures show.

[Ed. Note: I titled this as "Probably a Civil War (or earlier) Drum" because it bears some of the same features as some drums of that period:
a. dimensions
b. leather pulls
c. snare mechanism
d. color scheme

The several rings attached to the top counterhoop as well as the ring attached to the bottom counter hoop are a mystery to me. The placement on the top counterhoop to the right of the snare mechanism adjuster suggests possible use as strap attachment points, leaving the snare mechanism high on the drummer's left side within reach of the left hand.

However, that is just a guess. If you have any information or another point of view, please let us know.]


  1. Are there any examples of drums produced during the war with hoops painted in this manner, i.e. inner hoop unpainted and outer hoop painted?

    Will Chappell

  2. Will,

    I have a very similar drum, a bit shorter (perhaps cut down), with hoops painted black on the outside surface. It appears to be about the same age, but I couldn't say with certainty what that age is.

    Ellis Mirsky


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