Saturday, July 25, 2009

1837 Eli Brown and Son Field Drum with Label

Resurfacing on eBay today is this drum (eBay item no. 280375823398).

Leo J. Brennan has put this beauty up for sale on eBay (item no. 280327110774):

Up for auction is an original restored Eli Brown and Son field drum, dated by the interior label from 1837, drum number 1934. The overlapped maple shell bears the signature Eli Brown tack pattern. The tack pattern around the ivory vent hole is a single circle. Overall height of drum is 19 & three quarters inches. The ropes and drag rope are spun from hemp. There are no snares nor assembly. Owned by one Joel Griswold in October of 1948, the drum was reconditioned by Charles Husband in Lowell, MA. The bill of repair states new rope, rims, ears and heads were installed and a coat of varnish applied on shell. Therefore, the 18 inch wide Rogers heads, the rope and ten leather adjustment ears, and the drill through hoops top and bottom are from 1948. The rest of drum is from 1837. Documentation of above included with successful bid. A museum quality drum from the premier American drum maker of his time (1810-1848). This historical gem is highly sought after by collectors and not by the casual drummer.

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