Sunday, July 19, 2009

Confederate Army Brass Drum

135. IDENTIFIED CONFEDERATE ARMY DRUM Brass bodied drum complete and all original including heads and snare. According to respected expert Dale Anderson, such drums of the description may be found in Southern museums labeled as having been captured from the Hessians during the American Revolution. The drum came from the deep South and displays an old inscription, faded but legible for the most part encircling head near rim providing both Seminole and Civil War provenance. At least one-third of the captured Confederate drums were brass bodied, and it is known they used drums from earlier periods. This is a superb example: tight, original, untouched. The shell is aged, almost black except where prior owner cleaned a test spot to see the metal. This drum is 101/2" in height and 13" in diameter with plain heavy leather tugs and original rope with braided tail. Rims appear to be of oak construction. Adjuster is long screw with hook end and tall wing nut on other. The top head is inscribed "Used in the Great Seminole War and The Rally of 1861 by Grandfather Caleb Johnson of Corbitts Field." Last portion of faded lettering "Corbitts Field" was interpreted by original owner, but can be ascertained. A very desirable military collectible with wonderful historical associations. Est: $800-1500

Source: Signature House Auctions, Auction 32, 4/28/07 and 4/29/07, "War Between the State" portion.

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