Saturday, July 4, 2009

19th Century Military Carry Snare Drum

Not every drum pictured in this blog is pretty. This drum is certainly in the "not pretty" category (though far from face brute). But it is interesting. For one thing, it sports a military carry (the metal plate with a hole in it for a sling hook, screwed into the top counterhoop.

eBay seller danielrg( 1169) describes eBay item no. 200359663009 as follows:

I'm afraid I don't know a lot about antique drums, however this one appears to be consistent with those made in the 1800s. I took the drum apart to try to identify the maker [no label noted] but discovered that someone had done a really sound internal restoration of the drum [please see photos]. If you intend to bid on the drum for actual use in civil war reenactments or other period activities it should hold up nicely.....It has 16 original brackets for the ropes and seven original metal tighteners [one is missing]. It also has what I believe is the mounting bracket for the snare but the snare is missing. The tighteners were lined with leather but the leather is decomposing. I have posted a number of pictures so please take a look and contact me if there is anything I should add to this description or anything I should clarify.....This is a nice historic piece and, with a little work, should be a good functioning antique drum.......I also should note that the metal parts have some surface oxidation and will need some cleaning.

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