Saturday, July 4, 2009

R. A. Austin, Brooklyn, New York

eBay seller wwolst12( 20339) sold his drum for $376.76 this evening and described his drum, eBay item no. 130314907760, as follows:

In my first photograph, you can see just how this drum looked when I first received it. The original walnut drumsticks were stuck inside the cord and as you can see there is a layer of old attic dust covering the whole drum. All I did was take a brush, and cleaned this antique mid-19th century snare drum, so you could see the original Faux Rosewood Painted surface. I couldn't wait to take a peek through the small hole and sure enough, this drum is signed. Hand written right onto the wood it reads, "R. A. Austin, 210 fourth Street, Brooklyn EB, NY." The skin at the top has a small split on the side and several of the leather tighteners on the cord are missing, but that's it. The rest of this antique 16 3/4" diameter by 13" tall Civil War Period Snare Drum is in perfect, original condition, and there are no repairs.

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