Saturday, July 11, 2009

Early USMC Eagle Drum by William Ent, ca. 1838

From "Antiques and the Arts Online, 'New Location — Same Great Merch At The East Coast Fine Arms Show'", Jan 15th, 2008, by David S. Smith:

One of the highlights of the show was an exquisite early Nineteenth Century drum painted in bright red with a large spread-winged eagle emblazoned across the front and "U.S. Marines" painted above the eagle's wings. Displayed by Dave Kliener, Bloomingburg, N.Y., the drum retained its original label on the interior, identifying it as made by William Ent, Germantown, Penn. Although Ent had a number of contracts with the US military, his last known contract with the Marines was in 1838, prompting thoughts that this example could possibly be the earliest known regulation USMC drum.

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